Legal assistance with legal agents in all languages

Oceans Legal™ [OL] will match your requirements for legal assistance with legal and notarial agents throughout the world and in ALL languages.

Oceans Legal™ [OL] is a convenient one-stop shop for clients, acting as a unique single contact point for trans-national matters.

All projects are managed by Michael Bula Solicitors, International Lawyers and Notaries [MBS] on a solicitor-client basis.

See our Work protocol and policy.

Quotes or methods of calculation of costs [fixed or hourly rates or other bases] can be estimated and agreed with clients, upon assessment of the enquiry and liaison with OL international associates.

For new matters or enquiries,

simply contact us with the following details

– Fill in the contact form
– Ensure you complete the relevant country/ies or jurisdiction/s
– Provide a brief or resume of the matter
– Attach relevant files by using the attachment facility in one file attachment only please [anti-spam]

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