Law firms: be part of our network

If you are a law firm interested in receiving international legal work referred by Michael Bula Solicitors, International Lawyers and Notaries [MBS], in order to apply for referrals and registration on our database you need to provide the following by fully completing the Contact page:

  • Fill in all compulsory fields with your full contact details
  • Ensure you complete the relevant country/ies or jurisdiction/s
  • Attach relevant files by using the attachment facility
  • Your website address or a full presentation of your firm in a WORD file
  • A schedule of your fees and charges [hourly and fixed rates]
  • A profile of your clients – individual – corporate – government
  • Details of all professional staff [partners, associates etc.]
  • Your firm history and year of commencement, if not specified on your website or presentation above and 2 client references

If Oceans Legal™ [OL] accepts your application, a short association agreement will be executed.

Modus Operandi

MBS serves as the lead firm and coordinates legal projects, obtains agreements with clients for costs based on those negotiated with its international agents and associates, in accordance with Work protocol and policy.

MBS issues invoices and receives payment for all work including those of its agents and disburses moneys accordingly to them, as agreed in the association agreement.

The OL logo is strictly copyright and trademark protected. A licence to use it with its website address on legal stationery or websites can be negotiated with the association agreement.

Form part of the new OL web based loose and flexible international association of law firms with no upfront or ongoing costs.

Your firm will receive non-exclusive referral proposals for actual files for which you can tender.

The client makes the ultimate decision to engage our combined services through MBS. Only the highest ethical standards will be accepted and applied in all cases.

Your office contracts exclusively with MBS [which is responsible for your costs] not the client, ensuring smooth administration, file management and communication, especially in foreign languages.